Commercial Tenant Checklist

1. Draw up a list of requirements

Location, infrastructure and size are key.

2. Determine the type of property you wish to rent

Most of Dubai ‘s commercial office and retail spaces come standard as ‘shell & core’ which means that you will receive only the unit shell without any fixtures or fittings.

3. Work out your finances

When renting commercial property either annually or monthly, the rent will depend mostly on what you can afford. Make sure you add in the costs of electricity, water, satellite and internet packages along with and other extra charges.

4. Get your paper work ready

Required documentation includes:

a. Trade License
b. Passport of the company owner(s)
c. Signing authority letter
d. Passport copy of the authorized signatory

5. Find out who is responsible for internal and external maintenance and repair

Check if you are responsible only for maintaining the premises in its current condition, else you may be liable for damage or wear and tear that occurred before you occupied it.

6. Make an offer

After viewing all the commercial properties with your consultant you may want to make an offer on a certain price; negotiate for flexible payment plans and rent reductions on full payments in advance for the year with the landlord.

7. Payment

Once your offer is accepted, a rental agreement will be drawn up. Ensure that it is RERA attested and certified. Once the agreement is finalized, your deposit will be passed to the landlord.